Notary Services

RON Notary Services

Starting at $25

Remote online notary (RON) service makes it easy for you to complete notarizations from anywhere.  Whether you're buying a home, signing a legal document, or completing any other notarization, our RON service is a fast and hassle-free option.  Contact me today to learn more about remote online notary services. 

Traditional Notary Work

Starting at $15

I am available for any of your traditional notary work needs.  As a mobile notary, I am able to come to a location convenient to you.  Traditional notary work includes wills, power of attorney, deeds, contracts, and any other signatures that need notarization.  Contact me today for your traditional notarization needs.

Loan Signing Notary

Starting at $100

As a loan signing notary, I specialize in notarizing loan documents.  This includes mortgages, refinances, and other types of loans.  I ensure that the borrower(s) and lender(s) have signed all necessary documents correctly and in the presence of a notary public.  I also verify the identity of the signers and ensure that all required signatures and initials have been included.  In short, I help ensure that the loan closing process goes smoothly and that all parties involved have met the necessary legal requirements.  Contact me today to learn how I can help you with your loan signing needs.


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